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5g is coming! What else can it bring besides speed surpassin

source: author: Release time:2021-01-13 10:39:17 Views

从技术指标来看,5G的速度将是现有无线技术的100倍,这一速度甚至会超越使用实体光缆接入的Google Fiber(1Gbps)。这一网速的大跃进带来的可不只是超快的电影下载,它还创造了无限可能。高通芯

  According to technology website CNET, in the just concluded MWC, in addition to mobile phones and VR devices, 5g is probably the most talked about by people. However, 4G's network speed is fast enough. What's the big impact of 5g on ordinary people?

  In terms of technical indicators, the speed of 5g will be 100 times that of existing wireless technology, and this speed will even surpass Google fiber (1Gbps) using physical optical cable access. This great leap forward in Internet speed brings not only super fast movie downloads, but also unlimited possibilities. "5g will bring the world into a new era where devices can enjoy ubiquitous connectivity," said the chairman of the chip business of Qualcomm

  5g is so powerful that it will take a long time for it to be officially launched. In fact, it is not as far away as you think. In 2018, some countries will start to build 5g network on an experimental basis, and in 2019, the network will start to be commercialized on a large scale in the world.

  Here are five new benefits in the 5g era:

  New game experience

  Want to play VR online with friends from afar? With 5g, the super fast network speed can reduce the synchronization delay to the lowest point no matter where we are. It's easy to play online games. In addition, we can completely get rid of the shackles of wire.

  Facebook CEO Zuckerberg told MWC that he hoped VR would become "the killer app of 5g era". Ultra fast data transmission speed can make the virtual reality experience to a higher level, and mobile VR devices will be popular.


  With 5G network, a self driving car can a tiger with wings added. With the help of high-speed wireless network, these vehicles can interact with the control center in real time, receive and share the latest road information.

  "With 5g network, maybe we can cancel the existing traffic light system in the future, so that vehicles can communicate with each other and arrange the traffic order in advance," said a senior executive of Nokia's network equipment department

  In addition, vehicles will be equipped with a large number of sensors and cameras in the future. These super tachographs can help people analyze the causes of accidents from multiple perspectives.

  Telemedicine and healthcare

  With 5g, telemedicine is no longer a dream, because the communication delay will become very small, and doctors can provide solutions for surgery or prescribe drugs to patients thousands of miles away. In this way, doctors don't have to carry medicine boxes to see doctors in the mountains.

  In addition, with the progress of robot technology, doctors in the future can even look at the screen and operate robotic hands thousands of miles away to perform surgery.

  "With 5g, patients don't have to go to hospitals all over the country for complicated diseases any more. At home, they can get the best medical resources in the world," Samsung executives said

  Conference call with full sense of presence

  The biggest impact of the ever accelerating network speed is probably the visualization of communication. If you turn on the front camera, everything will become clear and sharp. In the old days, the drag in video calls will no longer affect the user experience. Maybe this is the real form of mobile phone calls.

  Hollywood movie like Internet experience

  Do you think the search engine in science fiction movies is amazing? With 5g network, all this will come true. You no longer have to wait for the slow Web page to load, because it will jump out in less than a second.

  In addition, when you download a movie, you will be shocked by the speed of 5g, because it only takes 15 seconds to download a high-definition movie.