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The internal structure of optical cable connection box inclu

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  The internal structure of optical cable connection box includes the following contents

  The optical cable junction box, also known as optical cable junction box and barrel, is the place where the end of the optical cable is connected, and then connected to the optical switch through the optical fiber jumper, which prevents the material aging caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen and microorganisms in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength. The solid shell and main structure of the optical cable junction box can withstand the adverse environmental changes, and has flame retardant effect, Waterproof function, so that vibration, impact, cable tension, distortion and so on are protected. Optical cable connection box has excellent mechanical properties, and in the process of use should have moisture-proof, waterproof performance. Although the manufacturing process of optical cable junction box varies with different manufacturers, the basic frame structure will not change.

  1. Support frame: it is the main body of internal components.

  2. Optical cable fixing device: used for fixing optical cable and base and fixing optical cable reinforcing elements. The first is the internal fixation of the optical cable reinforced core; the second is the clamping fixation of the optical cable and the support frame; the third is the sealing fixation of the optical cable and the incoming and outgoing cables of the optical cable connection box with the heat shrinkable sheath.

  3. Optical fiber placement device: it can store optical fiber connector and remaining optical fiber in sequence, the length of remaining optical fiber shall not be less than 1m, and the bending diameter of remaining optical fiber disc shall not be less than 35mm. Among them, most of the receiving discs can be four layers, with large capacity, and can be adjusted according to the number of cores connected.

  4. Optical fiber joint protection: put the heat shrinkable protective sleeve on the fiber core fixing clamp in the receiving tray, and silica gel fixing method can also be used.

  5. Sealing of optical cable and optical cable joint box: grind the joint of optical cable joint box and optical cable with emery cloth at the cable inlet of optical cable and base, clean the polished part with detergent, paste aluminum foil, and then put the heat shrinkable tube at the cable inlet of optical cable joint box, and heat it slowly from the middle to both ends with blowtorch, so that the whole heat shrinkable tube can be completely shrunk.

  The optical cable connection box is made by numerical control technology

  At present, the production process of the optical cable connection box is diversified, and the performance of different processes is different, resulting in different use places. At present, the numerical control technology is applied to the optical cable connection box, and has made a lot of high-precision parts in the optical cable connection box. The numerical control technology also greatly improves the accuracy of parts, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

  With the development trend of today's equipment, the advantage of fast update of equipment is prominent. Laser cutting equipment is one of the equipment with high precision and fast precision in sheet metal processing industry. Its advantages are: it can quickly process sheets with various sizes and high precision requirements, especially sheet metal materials.

  The optical cable connection box adopts the network technology, which can automatically convert the CAD graphics into the NC machining program. It is easy to operate, fast and efficient. In addition, multiple workpieces can be processed successively on the same steel plate after being sorted by machine tool software, which can save materials to the greatest extent; it is suitable for medium and small batch and single piece production, and can also be used for mass production.

  Placement skills of jumper in optical cable connection box

  The right angle of the jumper in the optical cable connection box should be avoided, especially the plastic tape should not be used to tie the jumper into a right angle, otherwise the fracture of the optical fiber caused by long-term stress should cause the continuous increase of optical loss. The jumper should follow the curve when turning, and the bending radius should be ≥ 40mm. The jumper should be placed without stress and pressure, so as to avoid the long-term stress fatigue of the jumper.

  To avoid the loose coupling between the jumper plug and the adapter in the optical cable connection box, if the plug is not well inserted or only partially inserted, it will usually cause 10-20db optical loss, greatly increase the insertion loss of the jumper, and cause the deterioration of the transmission characteristics of the optical communication system. Especially in the case of long relay distance or low transmission power of optical terminal, the instability of optical communication system will be particularly obvious.

  For the optical communication system equipment installed in the optical cable connection box in rural areas, due to the poor environment, it is necessary to pay attention to the environmental management. On the other hand, the jumper connected should enter from the top of the optical communication system equipment as far as possible to avoid the jumper entering the equipment from the trough or ground. In some optical communication systems, if the direct termination method is used, the optical cable connection box is very good. It should be hung on the wall rather than on the ground trough or ground.