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With the continuous acceleration of 5g construction, new kek

source: author: Release time:2021-01-13 10:42:13 Views


  In recent years, 5g has become a hot topic in the world. All countries are actively deploying 5g construction. At the same time, the major ADSS optical cable manufacturers, OPGW optical cable manufacturers and OPPC optical cable manufacturers are also actively preparing for the war, hoping to stand out in the 5g construction and become a new optical cable supplier. As the key infrastructure to comprehensively build the digital transformation of economy and society, 5g will promote the transformation of traditional industries and the innovation of digital economy. It is with the support of leading technology, the world's largest user scale, huge 4G network, rich mobile Internet applications and other obvious advantages that 5g license issuance is well-established. China's 5g license issuance has made billions of consumers disappear in China It is also an opportunity for foreign-funded enterprises to participate in China's 5g market and share China's development achievements.

  Recently, China officially issued 5g license. The Ministry of industry and information technology has approved China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and television to operate the "fifth generation digital cellular mobile communication service", which means that these four operators can formally build and operate 5g networks, marking that China's communication industry has entered the 5g era. As a result, China has become one of the first countries in the world to implement 5g commercial services. 5g seems to be just another generation evolution of communication technology, but people's expectation for it is stronger than any previous technology update. Relying on the characteristics of higher speed, larger connection and lower delay, 5g can not only solve the problem of communication between people, but also realize the interconnection between people and things, things and things. In 5g network, virtual reality, augmented reality, 8K high-definition video, as well as driverless, telemedicine, smart home and so on, will truly become mature applications. It is believed that as the key infrastructure to comprehensively build the digital transformation of economy and society, 5g will promote the transformation of traditional industries and the innovation of digital economy, become a new engine for development in the next decade or even longer, better support and serve the construction of Digital China, and promote economic and social development. In the global countries to accelerate the 5g commercial trend, 5g landing in China is natural. The technology accumulation of China's communication industry leading the world has contributed to this success. As the first commercial year of 5g in China, 2019 will be a good start for 5g application.

  Let 5g play a good new engine power, the key is to make the industry bigger and stronger, and play the role of industrial support. Some reports predict that by 2025, 5g will drive China's total direct and indirect economic output of 35.4 trillion yuan and 3 million new jobs. How to turn the bright future into reality? As the person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said, enterprises should take the market and business as the guidance, actively promote 5g integrated application and innovative development, focus on industrial Internet, Internet of things, Internet of vehicles and other fields, empower more vertical industries, and promote the digital, networked and intelligent development of all walks of life. In addition, in the face of the vigorous application demand of 5g industry and the change of 5g business cooperation mode, each link of the industry chain including operators, equipment manufacturers and terminal manufacturers needs to carry out in-depth cooperation and communication, optimize the network experience, and build a healthy and complete industrial ecology.

  5g standard is an international standard jointly formulated by the global industry, and 5g technology is an innovative work of all mankind's efforts and resources. Just like the 5g technology of Chinese enterprises serving the world, the issuance of 5g license in China not only allows hundreds of millions of domestic consumers to share the fruits of 5g development, but also provides an opportunity for foreign-funded enterprises to participate in China's 5g market and share the fruits of China's development, so as to make joint efforts to give a better life created by science and technology to all people in the world. Shandong Xinke KaiBang communication equipment Co., Ltd., as an optical cable manufacturer, mainly produces ADSS optical cable, OPGW optical cable, OPPC optical cable and other power optical cable, buried optical cable, mining optical cable, rat proof optical cable, non-metallic optical cable, temperature measuring optical cable, ordinary optical cable, etc. all the time, it has rich supply cases in State Grid, South Grid and other power grid companies. With the rapid development of 5g, Shandong Xinke KaiBang communication equipment Co., Ltd Kekebang communication equipment Co., Ltd. will also seize the opportunity to strive to contribute to China's 5g construction, ensure the demand for optical cables in 5g infrastructure construction, and further improve the industry influence of Shandong xinkekaibang communication equipment Co., Ltd.