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  • Product structure of fiber optic cable 2021-01-13

    The common leather fiber optic cable is a standard 8-shaped structure; there are two parallel reinforced cores with optical fiber in the middle; the self-supporting leather fiber optic cable adds a thick steel wire hanging wire on the structure of the

  • The way of entering the home for the fiber optic cable 2021-01-13

    In FTTH project, the user indoor wiring is the most complex link, and many factors are considered. The traditional single core indoor optical cable can not meet the requirements of FTTH project at this stage.

  • Multimode optical cable 2021-01-13

    Multi mode fiber - with a thick core (50 or 62.5 μ m), it can transmit multiple modes of light. However, the intermodal dispersion is large, which limits the frequency of digital signal transmission, and it will be more serious with the increase of d

  • Single mode optical cable 2021-01-13

    It is mainly composed of fiber core, cladding and coating; the fiber core is made of highly transparent material; the refractive index of cladding is slightly smaller than that of fiber core, resulting in an optical waveguide effect, so that most of t

  • What is optical fiber communication technology 2021-01-13

    Optical fiber communication is short for, the principle is to use optical fiber transmission signal, in order to achieve information transmission of a communication mode. In practical application, the optical fiber communication system is not a single