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Service support

More than 200 service personnel
  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司

    Years of industry technology precipitation Focus on R & D, production and customization services

  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司

    Technical strength guarantee Production and assembly of one-stop service; years of technical precipitation, continuous innovation industry standards.

  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司

    International quality mark The R & D team of innovative technology in the industry has passed the international strict destructive test and has a long service life.

Service is our core competitiveness

Since its establishment, we have been making unremitting efforts to establish a stable and extensive customer base with superior product quality and performance, good brand reputation and strong price competitiveness. We usually serve our customers with our own sales and customer service staff. Specifically, in terms of the three major operators, we set up an office in Beijing to provide customer support and understand customer needs.

Service standards and service outlets

Set up service station

We also set up a sales support department to answer customers' questions about our products. We not only assign sales representatives, but also assign technicians to local service teams, so as to better respond to customers' technical requests.

quick response

Local service teams are generally required to respond within 24 hours and resolve customer service requests within 48 hours. We operate a call center that provides 24-hour service. In addition, our joint ventures and associated companies are all over China, so that we can respond to customers' needs more quickly。

Factory scene 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司
Finished product warehouse
山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司
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    No. 1, Shunbang Group Industrial Park, Junzi North Road, Shanxian County Development Zone, Shandong Province

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