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Beijing Tobacco Logistics Center

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应用产品: 数据中心机房MPO 40G光纤跳线、高密度配线架等。

Beijing tobacco logistics center is subordinate to Beijing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), which is responsible for cigarette storage and distribution in Beijing. The logistics center covers an area of 78 mu, with a total construction area of 31000 square meters. The warehouse adopts modern elevated warehouse storage and laser positioning stacker, which can meet the marketing demand of annual sales volume of 700000 boxes and average storage of 40000 boxes. The total investment budget of the project is about 180 million yuan. At the end of September, the construction was completed, the equipment was debugged in place, and the project was put into trial operation in the fourth quarter. After completion, the logistics center will become a modern logistics center with the characteristics of Beijing tobacco, covering urban and rural areas, new equipment, scientific process, unified management, unified visit and sales, unified storage and unified distribution, meeting the distribution needs of nearly 40000 retail households in the city.
Application products: 北京烟草物流中心等。