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Jingdong "Asia No.1" domestic monomer logistics cececece

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Jingdong "Asia No.1" is a large single logistics center in China. 90% of the operations of the logistics warehouse in Jiading District of Shanghai are automated, reaching the world's advanced level.
Entering "Asia No.1", the first feeling is "high, big and superior":
——Due to the automation of storage, the storage height of Asia-1 is 24 meters, while the ordinary warehouse with forklift is only 9 meters high;
——The building area of Asia No.1 is close to 100000 square meters. There are seven or eight storeys in the storage area, each of which is a 100 meter long corridor. On the shelves on both sides, according to different labels, there are laptop computers, display screens, kitchen appliances and other products, "not enough shopping in a day.";
Application products: video optical terminal, indoor optical cable, optical fiber jumper, etc. Fully put into the security system of the warehouse.


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