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Upgrading Scheme of high speed and stable optical fiber wiri

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背景 随着业务需求的不断增长,企业始终会面临设备老化、无法扩展网络以及有线或无线网络带宽应用不足的问题,医院一直处于动态IT行业创新解决方案的最前沿,此次要求在不同地

With the continuous growth of business demand, enterprises will always face the problems of aging equipment, unable to expand the network and insufficient application of wired or wireless network bandwidth. The hospital has been at the forefront of innovative solutions in the dynamic IT industry. This time, it is required to establish a complete telecommunication wiring network system composed of backbone network and branch network among six buildings in different regions.
The hospital requires more high-speed and stable optical fiber connection solutions to meet future expansion needs. ——Realize highly reliable optical fiber wiring connection from zone 6 to zone 1-5.
Based on the large amount of data transmission and cost control requirements of the hospital, the solution: OS2 gyfty53 outdoor waterproof armored optical cable, which conforms to IEC 60794-1-2 standard, is suitable for the deployment of trunk lines from area 6 to area 1-5. The required length of optical cable is customized according to the distance between different areas, and each line is reserved for 1000m for future use. From zone 6 to zone 1-5, 24 core fiber fusion discs are used at the access points of each zone. A total of 120 fibers are deployed, and 72 fibers can be added to the left port for future expansion.