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40g network scheme of a Public Security Bureau

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通过利用MTP主干跳线、MTP-LC分支跳线、极性AF光纤配线盒等产品,轻松实现10G向40G升级,同时,凭借光纤配线箱、光纤理线架等产品,有效 管理了机柜中设备之间的线缆走线,从而提高

The 40g network solution designed by a city public security bureau builds a safe, reliable and convenient network system for customers through professional network deployment scheme and cost-effective cable management and wiring products, realizes the network demand of upgrading from 10g to 40g, and meets the demand of future network expansion.
The business of a city's Public Security Bureau is constantly expanding, and the demand for network bandwidth is also increasing. The current network has been unable to meet the current business needs, so customers want to upgrade the network, in order to solve the problem
The two data centers set up weak current strip cabinets to converge to the main column head cabinet, so as to increase the network bandwidth to 40Gbps and meet the business needs.
Room area
Network rate
Applicable number
Through the use of MTP trunk jumper, mtp-lc branch jumper, polar AF fiber distribution box and other products, it is easy to upgrade from 10g to 40g. At the same time, with the help of fiber distribution box, fiber management frame and other products, it is effective
It manages the cable routing between the devices in the cabinet, so as to improve the reliability, security and manageability of the network.