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Sufficient stock, uniform specification, definite style, after-sales service and quality choice

Provide perfect solutions

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Focus on R & D, production and customized services for 15 years

MANUFACTURE “Help build one stop solution for optical communication with smart technology”

We have cooperation experience with many domestic computer labs

Customer demand, directional R & D, mold manufacturing, one-stop service of production and assembly; 15 years of industry technology precipitation, continuous innovation of industry standards.



Strict quality control system, 100% qualified products

Strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality standard system standards, total quality management. Communication security design, test and security control.



Excellent product quality and after-sales service

We have established a perfect network and system of pre-sale, sale and after-sale service to ensure the stability and reliability of the company's product quality with high-quality products and careful service, so as to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.

Service Hotline:13031060853

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About Xinkekaibang

Shandong Xinke KaiBang communication equipment Co., Ltd. (KB) is an optical communication enterprise, belonging to the Shandong production base of Beijing Xinke KaiBang Technology Co., Ltd. The company has a group of senior product R D personnel and experienced production and quality management personnel, and is committed to the R D, production and sales of optical cable and optical fiber passive components. The companys main products are indoor and outdoor optical cable, power optical cable, indoor and outdoor optical fiber jumper, MPO / MTP optical cable components. The company has about 200...

  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司
  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司
  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司
  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司
  • 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司 山东新科凯邦通信器材有限公司


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  • Product structure of fiber optic cable 2021-01-13

    The common leather fiber optic cable is a standard 8-shaped structure; there are two parallel reinforced cores with optical fiber in the middle; the self-supporting leather fiber op

  • The way of entering the home for the fiber optic cable 2021-01-13

    In FTTH project, the user indoor wiring is the most complex link, and many factors are considered. The traditional single core indoor optical cable can not meet the requirements of

  • Multimode optical cable 2021-01-13

    Multi mode fiber - with a thick core (50 or 62.5 μ m), it can transmit multiple modes of light. However, the intermodal dispersion is large, which limits the frequency of digital s

  • Single mode optical cable 2021-01-13

    It is mainly composed of fiber core, cladding and coating; the fiber core is made of highly transparent material; the refractive index of cladding is slightly smaller than that of f